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The Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual (2011)

Sitting at an affordable $6.99 for the mp3 album from, I encourage blaspheming fans of metal to check out The Black Dahlia Murder’s Ritual. I’ve been sitting on this purchase for a while (I downloaded the purchase in September … Continue reading

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Van (metal inspired poetry)

Van I climbed aboard cinco brasileiros e uma ‘mama’ e me cold outside Snow falling around Warm inside laughter and fun and some tension, too Such is the life On the road How do we get there from here How … Continue reading

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Metal The power of the music drew me closer to the stage moving in a rhythmic trance I knew of no yesterday no today no tomorrow I watched the band the players and their skill sweaty flesh on all sides … Continue reading

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Blast from Past (Wichita KS scene)

I haven’t had mental capacity to put any reviews into comprehensive words so I’m sharing a journal entry from December 7, 1992. Last names are omitted and only last initials used to protect privacy. (If anyone reading this has even … Continue reading

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T. F. D. – Hater (2011) Review

Twenty-seven tracks! Sounds like a double album, doesn’t it? But nope, it’s not. Not when the tracks range from 4 seconds to 3 minutes and 09 seconds. Most of those are in the one to two minute range, for a … Continue reading

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Lemmy DVD (2011) Review

I borrowed my copy via my Netflix subscription. It is DVD only and not streaming on Netflix. It is also available and other outlets. This is more documentary than music, but music is peppered throughout the nearly two hour … Continue reading

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Napalm Death – Utilitarian (2012)

I’ve had a long relationship with Napalm Death and my ears. Doesn’t seem like that long, but yeah, it’s been a while. A bit of a background here: I first turn to heavy metal after listening to Master of Puppets … Continue reading

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