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This band was brought to my attention by my longtime friend Natal (Natal’s blog). He promotes shows in his local Goiânia, Brazil. A lot of which I wish I could attend, but flying down there every other weekend from Oklahoma would be quite impractical. Skulls on Fire is playing live 10 March 2012 in Goiânia.

Skulls on Fire have posted three tracks on for public consumption. Below is a review of the three.

Cesium 137 – Vocals buried in the mix. Discordant harmonies are very evident with the building of the lead guitar. Drum track is prominent. A long track clocking in at 7:53, but breaks down at the 4:12 mark to shift to a mellower mood. The lyrics are in English. A clear Joe Satriani influence heard in the 2nd half of the tune by the lead guitarist. Trying for prog metal, but doesn’t quite get there in tightness of mix and unity of instrumentation among the bandmates. The song has potential and may sound better live.

Master of Illusion – A tighter song than Cesium-137. More polished. Voice growls, but distinguishable. A better mix overall on this, though the drum track down pop out heavy on the floor toms.

It Self Destruction Time – This is hottest mix of the three in terms of loudness. My favorite of the three, really gets your head rolling, hair flying in the 2 minute mark and beyond.

Overall, I do like this band, but they should stay away from the longer tracks and stick with more songs like the latter two. I would like to hear more, however, and do not wish to discourage creativity and exploring new sounds within metal as it may be fused with other genres.
Rating: 4 out of 5 PBR Pints
Listening notes: Streamed from Myspace (see above link) to Altec Lansing speakers from a Lenovo R61e laptop.


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