Soundcloud Mix Track – Jaga-Jagusia-Mix’12 DJ WhiteHill aka DJ Amigo

Jaga-Jagusia-Mix’12 DJ WhiteHill aka DJ Amigo

Just want to say a few quick things about DJ Whitehill. Sometimes when I look for something upbeat to work to, I turn to dancehall mixes. The mix of Polish language in the tracks with English blends in to the the beat of background noise for me and I can actually get other work done – which is why I haven’t been able to critically post anything in a while.

In this particular track posted for free listening on Soundcloud, DJ Whitehill mixes in soccer crowd chants (in Polish) throughout the hour-plus long mix. The beat stays fairly steady throughout and would be a good workout mix, if you are so inclined.

One of my favorite portions comes after the 50 minute mark – when there is a lady singing about hooligans. Funny in a wry way since this is after all a futbol, soccer, pilka nozna themed mix. For DJ Whitehill’s Chicago Fire friends, he also includes the video game track from Tetris toward the end.

Well done and I encourage you to check him out. I’m not all metal, but though this blog will stick mostly to the harder edged reviews, you may see things from networked friends in here. Salud!

5 out of 5 PBR Pint Rating

Listening notes: Streamed from at link above, through Altec-Lansing speakers that really need to be replaced.


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Writer. I've done a lot of living in almost 40 years. My first two self-published books in print/Kindle are what I have termed serial soccer fiction. Red Tales is based around a professional soccer team, set in 1998 their inaugural year, and traces the lives of the players, staff, and fans and how they all intertwine and collide for better or for worse.
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