Etna – Anioł (2011)

Etna - Aniol

Etna – Anioł Review

Downloaded from $5.99 for entire album.
I will not be commenting on the lyrical content as I do not know enough Polish to do so.
1. Anioł – Standard pop beats marks the title and opening track. Etna’s voice is soft, gentle in this song.
2. Gorzka Kawa – A darker song in the intro, almost a pop industrial feel. But I hear Madonna, in more recent form, in this song – in the harmonies and vocal styling. Epic club, rise and fall in bridge.
3. Milczenie – Lower vocal range in the opening verse utilized. This song uses a live crowd sound very buried but evident in the mix – but it is not a live song, per se. Again, the Madonna delivery tonal quality to the entire voice.
4. Wyznanie – Piano – classical in intro. Soft, ballad. Music so soft and secondary in the opening verse that Etna’s voice is truly heard as almost a capella. But more instrumentation comes in as the chorus is reached. Sounds like a 1970’s pop ballad updated, slightly.
5. Ona – A more upbeat song that the previous track. You can’t help but move your feet and body to this beat.
6. Dotyk – Here is where I can hear some ethnic influence and not just a copycat of other pop performers from the past two decades. The guitar underlies a polka-esque beat.
7. Kameleon – Typical of what I generally here on Top 40 radio here in the US.
8. Tysiące Dni – Club bass dub beat opens this track.
9. Daj Mi Szansę – Destined to be a club hit
10. Oszukałeś Mnie – early 90’s club feel.
11. Zdrada – A house style tune that doesn’t do much for my ears, personally, but I wouldn’t skip the track if I were listening to my random or the whole album.
12. Nie Warto – Melodies in this song make it the prettiest to the ear of all the tracks. Even better than the ballad, Wyznanie.
13. Studenteczka – Funky, but in a good way. Has a child’s nursery rhyme feel, like pop music off a Japanese anime show.
14. Nocy Smak – This track has a slow build – to a danceable beat. Definitely a club song, through and through.
Overall, this has been a fun addition to my collection. Yeah, I’m a metal chick but I was raised on KJYO (Top 40) and KATT (hard rock) radio. I’ve been listening to this off and on since I bought it. Maybe one day I’ll know enough Polish language to know what the lyrics are.
Rating: 4 out of 5 PBR Pints
Listening notes: First listened and review via mp3 download from onto Lenovo R61e Thinkpad and played through Altec Lansing speakers at high volume.


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