Trivium – In Waves (2011)

Trivium - In Waves

Trivium – In Waves Review

This is a hard album to wrap my head and ears around as it seems to be all over the place stylistically, within the metal realm. I really enjoyed Trivium’s last album, Shogun. So, I had high hopes for this release. While the album does have some flashes of brilliance, the bulk of it is pretty mundane. Here’s my breakdown track by track:
1. “Capsizing the sea” is marked with a discordant piano, over mixed – playing the same notes throughout the track. Other instruments come in and the track builds in intensity and blends into the next track.
2. “In Waves” – Other than being the title track, the song does nothing for me.
3. “Inception of the End”
4. “Dusk Dismantled” A foray into death metal, but with a hardcore feel, but more with death style vocals. The words in the vocals are discernible which is not always the case in death metal.
5. “Watch the World Burn” – Here we verge into the ‘pop’ aspect of the album. “We are the arsons, watch the world burn” – personally I can see myself putting this on a Chicago Fire mix CD – yeah I still do those ‘mixtapes.’ The song at the two minute mark, approximately, get quite hooky, which is required for hit radio play, in the traditional sense.
6. “Black” – A numetal tune with ‘pop’ quality. Definitely will be radio worthy in the hard rock format stations.
7. “A Skyline’s Severance” – Here we move back into a heavier feel, but nothing outstanding. The noodling guitar aspires to be Yngvie Malmsteem but doesn’t even come close.
8. “Ensare the Sun” – Instrumental that uses tribal drums, vocalizations (but no lyrics), acoustic stringed instrumentation (perhaps a sitar?) and draws from many ethnic backgrounds across the globe. One of the more unique tracks, but too short. Also, I question it’s placement within the grand conceptual scheme of the album.
9. “Built to Fall” – A hard rock song with hit potential. The lyrics imply a fight or breakup anger theme.
10. “Caustic are the ties that bind” – Hardcore ‘pop’, but is a two part song in its style.
11. “Forsake not the dream” – Here begins the power metal section of the album. It is a good song until the awkward mixed placement of a double bass kick in the mix late in the track.
12. “Drowning in slow motion” – Power metal.
13. “A grey so dark” – I hear a RUSH influence in this track.
14. “Chaos reigns” – Growling vocal and a heavier deathcore. While typical, it does grow on me as the song makes it way through time.
15. “Of all these yesterdays” – Begins as a ballad with a Def Leppard like tone. One that would be good in a soundtrack, like a closing credits thing.
16. Leaving this world behind – If you aren’t paying attention to the tracking on your player, you would never know when this song begins as it bleeds in so well from the prior track.
17. Shattering the skies – A power metal song despite it’s death metal introductory refrains.
18. Slave new world – After all the other tracks, kind of an anticlimactic ending.

Overall, this is one that I would recommend buying just a few tracks that you like off of instead of the whole album, unless you are a huge Trivium fan. There are definitely a few gems that I will revisit and the rest I may not skip if it gets to the lesser tracks as they pop up on my random play of Windows Media or my Zimly on Android. That said, my final rating:
3 of 5 PBR pints rating
Listening notes: Purchased from Mp3 album listened to via Lenovo R61e ThinkPad through Altec Lansing speakers and later again on Samsung Captivate Android phone, using the Zimly app and the standard noise-canceling ear buds.


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