Yes, I used the little r in the blog post title, on purpose. Today, I managed to clean up a pile in a room, a small one, that had been staring at me for a year and a half. I’m not a very good housekeeper. That said, I do like to keep things organized to a point. My books and music collections have been discombomulated for going on a year now. I’ve dealt with some of the book mess by creating space and shipping the majority of the ones I have for sale off to Please click on the link to shop.

Approximately a year ago, my dear partner flipped my world upside down. I had to move a whole room into my library room and have never recovered. The office stuff for the most part has been moved back into the office, but a lot things like my music collection had to be moved around inside the library. As such, I have no freaking clue where most of my stuff is. Those who have known me a long time know that I like to keep my music collection organized, by artist, alphabetically, then by year of release. Hence, my saying that I listen to and like everything from Mozart to Madonna to Macabre (the M section is the most fun to look at that way).

Additionally, as much as I try, I try not to buy duplicates of what I already have. I have been keeping up with a growing massive index spreadsheet on Excel of song titles. I have hundreds of CD’s, cassettes, many things on vinyl, and tens of thousands of mp3 singles and albums.

Goal number 1 for 2014 is to get my CD’s back in order. I will do this slowly since I will be cataloging them, plus listening to them and posting reviews here. You may see some odd things in the coming weeks and months, but I want to get this blog active again as well. I will be grabbing chunks at a time and reviewing if I have not already. And you may see a link to a PayPal for purchase if it is something that I no longer wish to have in my collection (probably going to be rare, but you never know). I will try to find out if the album is limited edtion or otherwise out of print. I will post links to purchase otherwise for the bands in question. And I will try to remember how I got it. So some of this will be going down my personal memory lane.

If I make it through the CD’s, I’ll do the cassettes next. Many of the cassettes that I own are demos of long ago defunct underground bands.

Stay with me my friends. Music will be our therapy.


About Kirsten Tautfest

Writer. I've done a lot of living in almost 40 years. My first two self-published books in print/Kindle are what I have termed serial soccer fiction. Red Tales is based around a professional soccer team, set in 1998 their inaugural year, and traces the lives of the players, staff, and fans and how they all intertwine and collide for better or for worse.
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