Drown – Kerosene (CD Single)

30 Reviews in 30 Days: #14

It’s late and I’m still playing catch up on my pacing, hence the short EP’s I’ve been reviewing.

Drown – Kerosene

Slipdisc, 1999.

I got my hands on this, don’t know from where or why, but it was at just the right time in my life. I was just getting more into the Chicago Fire soccer team, and well what better than a song that rocks and talks about burning shit down. The lyrics of the song spoke to me personally, as I grew up on a farm, knew that small town mentality well. And it speaks to me even more so given my current living situation. “Never anything to do in this town . . . probably come to die in this town . . .”
Comments on the versions:
1. Radio version – this is the track that finds its way onto mix CD’s and playlists in mp3 format as I drive to Fire matches and tailgate with my car stereo cranked.
2. Mi Vida Loca Vercion – Lyrics are sung in Spanish, otherwise it is essentially the same mix.
3. 1605 All-Star Version – We light a match. A mellow beginning, then into the radio version with some extra sampling and guest vocals.
4. Album version – A dirtier version in the intro than the radio version. It’s the version that I tend to forget when doing mixes. This version has more crunch, like a crackling fuse about to ignite. “Set me on Fire!”
5. Something to Do – A total industrial breakdown additional jam that is a nice addition to this CD single. Jazz backbeats add to the groove as the vocalist looks for something to do. As the music fades, I have always wanted this CD-single to end with an explosion, but it doesn’t, so there ya go.

I must say that suicide is not the way to go, nor is taking out others with you as you do so, especially the latter. But despite what the image of the chorus implies, I love this song. The pace and rhythm of the lyrics, however, do not work as well when sung in Spanish. Still, it gets:
5 out of 5 PBR Pint Rating
Bottoms up!


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Writer. I've done a lot of living in almost 40 years. My first two self-published books in print/Kindle are what I have termed serial soccer fiction. Red Tales is based around a professional soccer team, set in 1998 their inaugural year, and traces the lives of the players, staff, and fans and how they all intertwine and collide for better or for worse.
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