Soulfly – Prophecy

30 Reviews in 30 Days: #16

Soulfly - Prophecy album cover

Soulfly Prophecy

Roadrunner, 30 March 2004. Producer, Max Cavalera.

1. Prophecy – We slam into all that is Max Cavalera and his metal genius with the title track.
2. Living Sacrifice –
3. Execution Style – Noodling guitar with an almost electronic sound in the bridge.
4. Defeat U
5. Mars – At the midway point we have a breakdown and flamenco style acoustic guitar is heard over drums and the bass, playing slightly behind the beat. Jazz influence is heavy in the song at this point. You almost want to hear brush work on the drums, but you don’t.
6. I believe – Max professes his Catholic faith in this track, more so here lyrically than in any other of the tracks.
7. Moses – The influence of Max being based in Pheonix Arizona is evident in the beginning of this track with Mexican ska funk here. It’s not something you think of when you think of sounds coming out of Brazil, where he was born and raised.
8. Born Again Anarchist –
9. Porrada
10. In the Meantime
11. Soulfly IV – Brazilian jazz.
12. Wings – A soulful mellow jazz tune with female vocals by Pearl. Then at the halfway point of the track, we apparrently go to New Orleans with some oompah, brass heavy jazz that might be heard at a funeral procession in the French Quarter. Then at the 5:13 mark approximately, we go into a new age/classical mood that fades into the end of the album.

Overall, this is not one I reach for on a regular basis when I want to listen to Soulfly. If I have not made a comment on the track above, it just means that it did not strike me in anyway. Musically, it is a great album, and genre wise it is all over the place, showcasing Max’s influences and creativity. It is well strung together, but I am put off a bit by the lyrical content. I don’t want to be preached at when I listen to music unless I am in a house of worship. When I think of Soulfly, I want hard hitting, in your face stuff, with a tribal punch. I respect the music and craftsmanship on this album, so I can still give it:

Rating: 4 out of 5 PBR Pints

Listening notes: Sony Vaio laptop at work with Dragon 180W speakers running out the headphone jack.


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