Fear Factory

Fear Factory is set to release a new album on August 7, 2015. If the rest of the album is like the teaser track released via YouTube today, it’s going to be one of their best.

The lyric video uses cold, stark, robotic imagery with graphical display of the lyrics. The lyrics to Soul Hacker are typical of Fear Factory and can be taken to mean multiple things on many levels – a statement on the government, the religious takeover of governments the world over (overt & covert), and even to the young, a statement of independence against indoctrination by parental forces and educational institutions.

Burton C Bell’s voice has not wavered in its power over the years, which is, to me, amazing given some little tour habits he is known to have (at least in the early days). The song begs to be cranked up to maximum volume so that in envelopes you fully in aural sensory overload.

I can’t wait for the rest.

Watch, Sing, Repeat: 


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Writer. I've done a lot of living in almost 40 years. My first two self-published books in print/Kindle are what I have termed serial soccer fiction. Red Tales is based around a professional soccer team, set in 1998 their inaugural year, and traces the lives of the players, staff, and fans and how they all intertwine and collide for better or for worse.
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