Down the web rabbit hole discovery of the late night: Chorus

Just a random search of a character name on google turned up this gem from the Czech Republic: Chorus.

Chorus (CZ)They are hard American southern style rock rooted in the vein of Lynyrd Skynryd, et al. The beats are fast and catchy. “motorkářská” is particularly driven, with a nice, soaring, well-mixed guitar solo. “Milenium”‘s opening reminds me of an old southern rock band from Wichita, Kansas in the early to mid 1990’s, the Thrill Hippies. I can see myself rocking out with a pilsner in hand in a kluby in the Czech Republic. The vocalist doesn’t have much range but he has gritty strength of delivery.

“Zas tu jsou” opens with a sound sample to set the tone. This one is more thrashy that the others so far. The musical lead in is a finger plucked bass. The song has an anthemistic feel that could fit in hard rock radio here in the middle of the American states. The plucked fat bass ends the song nicely.

I’ve got strong Czech/Bohemian roots, but regrettably have not studied the language like I should have by now. So I cannot comment on the lyrics but in this case comment on the vocals as an instrument. In all the tracks, the vocals are clean, and with repeated listenings I could probably sing along syllablically, like opera singers so.

Baba Jaga – so fat are the beats and in your face are in this one. And it comes with a slide show style video on the page linked above with interesting imagery. Is Baba Jaga one of their grandmothers? Or is this a reference to a children’s tale? Still sounds like a fun song with a Halloween twist. The beat is fast, with the drummer coming in slightly behind. A catchy song with possible ear worm qualities, but not in a bad way.

“TAK SE MI ZDÁ” – A slower tune with a more modern rock feel. I love the guitar riffs in this one that Radek Vlček lays down in this one. Backup vocals fill in on the chorus, but the verses here the vocalist struggles a bit in places with keeping the harmony.

“Spravedlnost” – really slows down the pace, sounding like a lullaby in the opening, continuing throughout. Minor chords set the sad haunting tone. This one really makes me wish I understood the language.

“pochod transexuálů” March of the transsexuals. Interesting title – again, intrigued. The beat is a march, which fits. The guitar work and vocal style here harken to bands like Exodus and Saxon, old school 80’s thrash. It’s kept simple and perhaps would benefit from being a shorter song. (I hope that this song is not anti-transsexual in its lyrics.)

“Ráno” Dancing, banging your head beat, with a raise your pilsner high quality.

“Pivní tácek” An ode to beer coasters? Awesome. But again, you won’t need one as you dance with your hand wrapped around the bottle neck, shaking your hips to the beat.

“Nesmířitelní” [Unforgiven] Not a cover of the Metallica song by the same name, this one is still a complexly put together quilt of Chorus’ talents. Clocking in at 4:09 it seems longer. I can’t see this one played much in a live setting with the rest of their body of work available for streaming on

Last but not least in the list on is “bludička” [will o’ the wisps (per google)] Again one of their more complex pieces.

Would I go see these guys live given the chance? Hell yeah. Check out their music if you are into hard rock in the biker, southern rock, driving fast late at night with the wind through your hair vein. Raise ’em high.

Rating: 4 out of 5 PBR Pints

Listening notes: Streamed from link above. Computer speakers on Samsung laptop. I may have to download the app and stream these guys proper through my car stereo.


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